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Hello folks, my name is Franklin Light and I'd like to welcome you to my web site, Custom Lighters. Why a site on lighters you ask? Well, why not? I've been in the nick-knack business for years, as well as having a large vending supply business. And one of the things I always noticed is that when a customer has a choice of which lighter they want, they usually pick a custom one. And now as a consumer you have the ability to create and customize your own lighter. So I built this site to help you do exactly that. So I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a nice day!

Custom Bic Lighters

Want to give your Bic lighters a different look? Then go for custom Bic lighters! Custom Bic Lighters can be printed on or can have cases made to cover them. There are a number of reasons why one would like to make custom Bic lighters.

-The custom Bic lighters will be given as gifts to family and friends
-The custom Bic lighters will be used as promotional giveaways
-The custom Bic lighters are for personal use and the users want to personalize the design on them

Custom Bic lighters can be personalized the way you want. There are three ways to make custom Bic lighters, and those are:

1-Custom Bic Lighters Printing:
If you need to print company logos and names on custom Bic lighters, you can surely do that. These custom Bic lighters are a big hit for business promotions. Aside from company related details, you can also have something else printed on custom Bic lighters. You can print a message, a name, an image or just about any design you can think of.

2-Custom Bic Lighters Stickers:
Custom Bic lighters can be personalized with stickers. Designs can be printed self-adhesive sheets. This style of customization is something you can do yourself if you have the right supplies and equipment. You would need a computer with an image designing software, a printer, and some sticker paper. But if you need to make hundreds of custom Bic lighters, then having the stickers printed at a shop is advisable.

3-Using Custom Bic Lighters Cases:
Buying custom Bic lighters cases is a more expensive way to personalize lighters, but each piece are crafted nicely and intricately that theyre worth it. A lighter case is an accessory that can be designed according to the customers request. Custom Bic Lighters cases can be made out of different material including steel, leather, fabric, plastic beads, wood, and more pricy ones like precious metals and stones. What is nice about handcrafted custom Bic lighters cases is that they have unique designs youll find a few to one of a kind styles! And if you order one with your design, then you will be the only one who has it.

Printing services, stickers, and cases for Bic lighters can be found online or in specialty stores in malls. You can bring a boring lighter to life with these lighter additions and accessories. Find a lighter store near you and ask if they offer any of these services or products, or look for them online.

Customized Bic Lighters

Customized BIC lighters will draw more attention as compared to plain BIC lighters normally seen in grocery stores or shopping malls. The main objective of customized BIC lighters is to grab attention of customers or potential clients. Customized BIC lighters can get your business or company hitting the road and broadening your marketing possibilities. You can customize your BIC lighters with your company’s logo or any eye catching slogan and leave a lasting impression among your clients with their colorful shades. They have been used by many entrepreneurs to lighten up their marketing campaign with many vibrantly colored and customized BIC lighters. They are a sure way to capture your target customers and going after a suitable niche market.

Customized BIC lighters are not only a good source of advertising, but they come very handy when you need an immediate source of fire like when lighting a birthday candle, lighting camping fires, grill lighting and most commonly, lighting a cigarette.

Customized BIC lighters make excellent gifts for both smokers and non-smokers. These printed lighters have a place in society be it at home, grocery stores, entertainment establishments and even offices. Customized BIC lighters will keep your company name, logo, and contact information known among your clients, so long as the lighter is in use. These customized BIC lighters come at great low prices. Customized BIC lighters have a use in every home. The ease of use of these customized BIC lighters are appreciated by both smokers and non-smokers. Customized BIC lighters are inexpensive and very effective in promoting your business.

Owning customized BIC lighters is a sign of independence from plastic lighters and is an unique fashion statement for many smokers. With a BIC lighter, you can refill flint and lighter fluid without ever buying a plastic lighter again. They are a reliable fire source that have been built to perform in any season and any weather condition.
For those who want a variety of colors, these customized BIC lighters have colors like sapphire, apple, red and raspberry. For a classier look, standard silver and gold are ideal. These BIC lighters can also be personalized and customized with your favorite brands and organizations.

They can also be engraved with your name, slogan, logo or initials. They are known to make thoughtful presents to close friends and family members. All BIC lighters are made with safety measures.